Thank you Brian Ludmer

Hello everyone,

Last night’s call with Brian Ludmer was one of the best calls we have had in the 7 years of our calls. The information he gave on so many topics was phenomenal. Many have emailed and posted online the helpfulness this call was for them in their situations and their cases. We want to thank Brian for all the work he put into this call and his dedication to the cause.

There is no replay now for this call as in all calls. It is important to make these calls a priority. They are done to help all of you and the information you get on these calls and the support given is awesome. The dates for these calls are posted on our website under upcoming events all the way through 2020. Some of you have to miss the calls by not following the deadlines which are necessary. I am sorry for that, but it can be avoided. Here are some things that can help.

1. Register early before the 5 PM EDT the day of the call which is the deadline.

2. Once you register and are given the new numbers for that month’s call, save the info in a place where you can have it readily available at the time of the call.

3. If you plan to skype the call, you must confirm on the skype message sent to you on the Friday before the Sunday call. Chester only skypes those who have confirmed.

4. Each caller may submit one question for the call. Deadline to submit your question is the Tuesday before the Sunday call. The question must be in relation to the subject of that month’s call or the question will not be answered. The question can only be 2-3 sentences total.

Please note these calls take many hours of preparation. If we all go by these guidelines, then the calls will be very successful. Thanks for your help!

How to Manage Children’s Counsel, Child Protection Workers, Police, Parenting Coordinators, Therapists and Evaluators

“How to Manage Children’s Counsel, Child Protection Workers, Police, Parenting Coordinators, Therapists and Evaluators”

On Sunday, July 7, 2019 at 8 PM EDT, Brian Ludmer, B. Com, LLB will be presenting these issues on our international seminar call. PA and high conflict custody cases are complicated by the interactions with non-family actors who can wield enormous influence on outcomes. Sorting out truth from fiction and managing the processes and influences of these key players is essential in ensuring a favorable outcome to the case. This call will examine the typical and atypical roles played by others and provide practical and legal (procedural and substantive) guidance on how to manage these processes. We have not had a call with such extensive information on these topics. Very helpful to those alienated and targeted parents and grandparents as well as those working in professional fields with alienation. Please let others know about this call.

Children’s Counsel

· Differing mandates
· Best interests vs advocacy
· Duty to advance evidence of lack of independence of children’s views
· Client capacity to instruct issues
· How to restrict their influence and tendency to align with AP counsel

Child Protection Authorities
· How they work; capacity and expertise and internal appeal insights
· How they get it right and how they get it wrong
· How to obtain heir files
· How to counter bias and anchoring or negligence
· How they work; capacity and expertise and internal appeal insights
· How they get it right and how they get it wrong
· How to obtain their files
· How best to use them to advance the case
Parenting Coordinators

Parenting Coordinators

· Mandate, standards of practice,
· How to best use them to counter the AP
· Parenting plans and prescriptive behavioral covenants

· Traditional therapy vs reconciliation therapy
· Applicable professional standards
· Typical errors encountered
· How to manage their involvement

Custody Evaluators

· Applicable professional standards
· Typical errors encountered
· How to manage their involvement
· How to prove your case
· Critiques and Cross-examinations

Brian Ludmer is a Canadian attorney whose practice focuses on cases involving high conflict custody battles, denial of parenting time and parental alienation, as well as high net worth financial disputes. He is also a business and securities law attorney with over 32 years of experience.

Brian is the Legal Column Editor and Writer for the bi-monthly newsletter of the Parental Alienation Study Group, an organization of professionals and others interested in the area with members world-wide.

Brian is a frequent speaker for Family Access and is widely quoted in multiple media sources on family law issues. Brian has spoken at the first International Conference of the Parental Alienation Study Group in Washington in October 2017, for the Canadian PA Forum -a three-day conference – in 2009 and for PAAO, the Children’s Rights Council, the Canadian Equal Parenting Coalition and other organizations across Canada and the United States. Brian was also a featured speaker at the first Annual Conference of the European Association of PA Practitioners in London UK in August 2018. Brian has also been speaking to the Ontario Canada hospital network on PA Diagnosis and Therapy.

Brian works as special counsel with US and Canadian attorneys and mental health professionals to assist targeted parents and grandparents. He has assisted in cases across Canada, the US.and overseas.

Brian’s book: The High Conflict Custody Battle, which he co-wrote with Dr. Amy Baker and Dr. Michael Bone in 2015, is a resource that has been of assistance to countless families.

Brian’s cases often involve custody disputes over parenting time. Brian’s cases have set important jurisprudence on the field of family law disputes, equal parenting and parental alienation.

Brian has been an advocate for a rebuttable presumption of equal shared parenting as a solution to most high conflict parenting disputes. Brian is a co-founder of Lawyers for Shared Parenting, and an active member of several family rights organizations. He is the legal advisor to the Canadian Centre for Equality. In that capacity Brian drafted a detailed submission on a rebuttable presumption of equal shared parenting to the Justice Committee of the Canadian House of Commons and was an invited witness into its November 2018 hearings on Bill C-78, a current proposal to amend Canada’s Divorce laws. Brian anticipates making a similar presentation to the Canadian Senate when it considers the Bill in the Spring of 2019.

Previously, Brian was the principal drafter of Bill C-560, a 2014 private members’ Bill introduced in the Canadian Federal Parliament to reform family law, which made it to second reading at the time.

These international seminar calls have now reached over 1,000 callers and includes 33 countries. Our call last month with Dr J Michael Bone and Dr Steven Miller had 1,102 callers. They are of no charge to anyone. You have the option to call in on our conference line, audio skype or download our desk top app. Each caller may submit one question per caller. The question must be in relation to this call and can be no more than 2-3 sentences. Deadline to submit your question is Tuesday, July 2nd. Deadline to register for the call is Sunday, July 7th at 5 PM EDT. These are firm deadlines!!! To submit your question and/or register for this call, please email NO REPLAYS. Please make this call a priority for you and your family.

Electronic Data Place and Safeguarded Files Posting | Virtual data room reviews

Electronic Data Place and Safeguarded Files Posting | Virtual data room reviews

Virtual info rooms support maximize a company’s capacity to transfer and store secret data in a secure fashion when applied properly. The continuous improvement in technology over the years made it conceivable to transfer large sums of private info faster and more successfully. The increase in the rate of the net provides made it much a lot easier to publish and download large files. They happen to be speedy to set finished and straightforward to use after the basics have already been learned. They may be essentially on the web data storage space centers in which documents could be stored, viewed, downloaded, and uploaded. These types of storage rooms are password covered and can only become seen by those who find themselves approved gain access to. Certified users are enabled the ability to organize all their data in a rational and an effective manner. Digital data areas, commonly categorised as virtual deal rooms, will be tools by which many businesses are using to their particular advantage. Various firms apply virtual data rooms once dealing with mergers and acquisitions. Electronic data rooms are more inexpensive and available than physical info safe-keeping areas. Many of the significant and confidential data kept in a virtual setting up can get viewed when an authorized individual has access to the internet. These via the internet portals of data make much more sense than in-person birthdays when working with large data files of private information. Firms that handle large documents of private data regularly are falling lurking behind in the event they will have certainly not implemented a process that features the use of online data rooms.


Making Perception of Electronic Data Areas for the business & Sanaldata

Digital data areas may well make easier your potential to perform business online, nevertheless they can often become perplexing just for those who also are using one initially. This great progression provides been authorized due to progress found in the quickness of the Net and the capability to transfer bigger files more quickly. During the past due 1990’s, many people young and old were applying dial-up modems and did not have the speeds needed for uploading or accessing large files. As the speed of the Net has increased being able to upload and download these file is now much easier. The creation of online info areas features empowered corporations to create online portals that enable the upload, download and taking a look at of files easily. These portals happen to be password secured and quite often allow accord enabling observing by simply just people. Importing files to a safeguarded portal allows a business to stop having to manually move documents from an individual area to another. A virtual data room will make sure that the files are just seen by the appropriate parties and not turn into lost or perhaps destroyed. The files that happen to be uploaded can be backed-up and guaranteed to be safeguarded. The data are likewise readily available to be taken in future audits or deals.

VDR can be used inside your enterprise mainly because:

  • research of corporate financial transactions (mergers and purchases, bankruptcy and sale, mortgage loan the distribution, sale of real estate, and so forth );
  • exam and conformity (compliance control);
  • confidential business communications when it is necessary to provide you with gain access to to a single source of facts to multiple users via virtually any geographic position.

These types of need to be believed of as being a electronic package place through which simply authorised persons are permitted to enter. Have real profit upload considerable amounts of data, and to coordinate the documents practically, an internet webpages creates even more impression than an in-person get together or exam.

Online Data Space Research intended for your business & M&A nedir

A digital data or deal area is a web-based document archive that brings many users access through the use of the internet. These bedrooms work well equipment which have been generally used throughout a multitude of several industries. Corporations involved on a regular basis with mergers and purchases are amongst a few of the most prevalent users of those tools. Physical data bedrooms have become a relic in past times basically because electronic data areas have a huge competitive advantage. They can just be used in a single specific site whilst electronic info bedrooms may be viewed any place with net access offered. Also, they can only become employed by a limited availablility of users at any given time. Virtual package rooms could be accessed at nearly virtually any time simply by users who get appropriate documentation. They will provide something that offers users the necessary tools needed to use beneath full coming from diligence. In addition they are able to ensure that confidential details is still non-public through the use. Digital deal areas are in a position to work towards many information intensive processes between businesses. For case in point companies allegations with prolonged contracts can expedite the procedure through the use of these bedrooms. Companies are in a position to upload, download, and view papers in a very effective manner when you use these equipment. Various data file copy firms give online info room opportunities to get consumers. Virtual info bedrooms have grown to be extremely vital solutions for plenty of businesses. Various file transfer companies that provide you with such offerings can be are capable to supply very specified specific equipment that support companies be successful within the individual industrial sectors.

Can I have the respect Recognition communities and school admissions (Part 2)

Can I have the respect Recognition communities and school admissions (Part 2)

Many people nowadays need nothing more in life to eventually become affluent (whatever their definition of loaded is), also a couple of individuals in lifestyle may rather not be poor, but couldnot appear together with a way to escape from poverty. Now there are individuals throughout the planet desiring assist. Definitely, In addition, you will find people who don’t want to perform for it. (more…)