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Parental alienation cases fraught with ethical danger

Parents and their advisors must negotiate a multitude of ethical issues on their way to success in parental alienation cases, Toronto family lawyer Brian Ludmer tells

Divorce Act revamp ignores value of equal shared parenting: Ludmer

Proposed changes to Canada’s Divorce Act fall short by failing to make equal shared parenting (ESP) the starting position in custody disputes, Toronto family lawyer

Children subject of custody litigation, not parties to divorce

Appointing counsel to represent a child in a family law dispute can make an already contentious situation worse, Toronto family lawyer Brian Ludmer tells

Motion for financial disclosure: fishing expedition or balanced request?

Financial disclosure requests can become a battleground in hard-fought litigation, Toronto family lawyer Brian Ludmer tells . Ludmer,

How to wield family law’s ‘big stick’: the motion for contempt

Parents whose children are being withheld from them must first lay a solid foundation of evidence before using the “big stick” of

U.K.’s fresh approach to parental alienation shows promise

Toronto family lawyer Brian Ludmer tells he’s cautiously optimistic that the U.K. will improve its approach to parental alienation following

Momentum gathering behind equal shared parenting law

A combination of positive social science research and sympathetic public opinion has set the scene for a fresh attempt to make equal shared parenting (ESP) the default position in

Appeal court confirms special place of family law creditors in bankruptcies

An appeal court decision reinforces the special place of family law debts in a bankruptcy, says Toronto family lawyer Brian Ludmer . In the case , Ludmer, principal

Group puts parental alienation on the map

An international meeting on parental alienation shows the issue is gaining global attention, says Toronto family lawyer Brian Ludmer . The Parental Alienation Study

Expunging unrealistic support orders a possibility

Judges have a rarely used power to expunge support arrears in extreme circumstances, says Toronto family lawyer Brian Ludmer . Ludmer, principal of LudmerLaw , says

Father involvement good for children: Ludmer

Men’s studies need to go mainstream before fathers can improve their parenting rights, says Toronto family lawyer Brian Ludmer . Ludmer, principal of

Ludmer to discuss ‘How Healthy Fathers Make Healthy Families’ at event

On June 14, Toronto family lawyer Brian Ludmer will host a presentation as part of a series of events offered by the Canadian Centre for Men and Families to unite

Vital to spot difference between alienation, enmeshment

In some separated families, a parent who is experiencing bonding difficulties with the children will allege that the other parent is attempting to alienate the kids from them

Specialized expertise needed to disprove false accusations

False accusations of physical, emotional and/or sexual abuse are a common occurrence in contested matrimonial cases, and refuting these allegations is a challenge for those

Rediscovering a loving parent after alienation: what therapy works?

A growing body of academic research supports the need to offer specialized programs for families torn apart by parental alienation, says Toronto family lawyer Brian Ludmer

Equal shared parenting bill should be revived: Ludmer

It’s time to reignite debate and discussion around amending the Divorce Act to better support equal shared parenting in Ottawa, says Toronto family lawyer

Implications of child brain research ‘profound’ for family law

New research that provides further insight into how suggestibility and memory work in older children has raised concerns that certain fundamental family

Children’s counsel role can prove damaging in divorce process

Where custody or access to children is contested, courts are directed to canvass the views of the affected children — but there are good reasons to proceed cautiously in

More structure, objectivity needed in defining ‘good parenting’

The family law courts are leaning on presumptive, subjective standards when it comes to assessing what makes a good parent, says Toronto family lawyer Brian Ludmer

U.K.’s new psychological abuse law raises serious questions

Emotional and coercive abuse in domestic relationships is a societal problem that needs serious attention, but a new United Kingdom law that criminalizes that behaviour may not

Ruling endorsing proactive judicial role positive

A recent Superior Court of Justice decision calling the traditional judicial role as the passive receiver of evidence “antiquated” serves as a useful guide for

Structured intervention trumps therapy in child estrangement cases

Reconciliation therapy is an intensive psycho-educational intervention that, when structured and delivered properly by specialists in the field, can be far more effective in

Judge who sent kids to youth facility made tough but correct decision

A Michigan judge who sent three children to a juvenile facility for failing to have a relationship with their father — and called the case one of the worst parental

New book details strategies for success in custody disputes

Toronto family lawyer Brian Ludmer is part of the team of experts behind a new book offering tips, resources and support to people engaged in high-conflict custody battles. The

Request for appointment of Children’s Lawyer dismissed

The Ontario Court of Appeal has dismissed a motion requesting the assistance of a Children’s Lawyer in an ongoing custody battle involving three young girls, says Toronto family

Pension benefits extended to common-law spouses

The so-called Carrigan amendments to the Pension Benefits Act recently became law, highlighting the need to update estate plans after separation, and also providing an example of

Defeat of Bill C-560 is not going to stop proponents of ESP

While the defeat of Bill C-560 was a disappointing loss, the message behind the proposed legislation continues to thrive, says Toronto family lawyer Brian Ludmer . The bill,

Parents denied access to kids continue to seek solutions

Despite settled jurisprudence and ample statutory remedies, difficulties in enforcing access to children continues to be a problem in search of a solution in family court, Toronto

Social science research supports Bill C-560: Ludmer

The need for fundamental reform related to contested custody cases has been well documented, and Bill C-560 , a private member’s bill proposed by Conservative MP Maurice

Uncovering income like assembling a financial puzzle

Establishing the true income of a support payor is a common struggle in matrimonial proceedings, but with due diligence and the proper tools, it’s possible to uncover close to a

Bill C-560: Canada’s solution to the divorce wars

In today’s society, it appears that divorce court has become a battleground where children are fought over by parents competing to be the “primary” parent or to avoid being