The 2019 Canadian National Men’s Issues Conference

University of Toronto | August 2-3

It is my pleasure to invite you to Canada’s biggest ever conference on the issues facing boys, men and fathers.
Early Bird rates end in 24 hours! Don’t miss this unique and affordable opportunity to meet an incredible group of international speakers and guests.

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The 2019 Canadian National Men’s Issues Conference
University of Toronto | August 2-3

Our speaker line-up includes:

Cassie Jaye – Filmmaker, The Red Pill
Senator Anne Cools – Longest serving Canadian Senator and the Senate’s champion for equal shared parenting and the rights of boys and men
MP Karen Vecchio – Chair of the Status of Women Committee of the House of Commons
Jamil Jivani – Author, Why Young Men: Rage, Race and the Crisis of Identity
Karen Straughan – Leading Canadian blogger and YouTube personality GirlWritesWhat
Marcus Jackson – Manager, Taylor House in Arkansas, one of the only domestic violence shelters for men and children in North America
Andrea Silverstone – Executive Director of Sagesse, a major Alberta Violence Against Women agency and a new CAFE ally!
Bettina Arndt – Australia’s first sex therapist and a well known advocate for men
Sue-Ann Levy – Toronto Sun Columnist
Brian Ludmer – Founder, Lawyers for Shared Parenting
Christine Giancarlo – Anthropologist, Mount Royal University, and Author, Parentectomy
Zoli Kertesz – Special Constable, Toronto Police Service
David Shackleton – Author, Daughters of Feminism: Women Supporting Men’s Equality, 12 years publisher of Everyman; A Men’s Journal.
John Davis – International lawyer and a former Assistant Attorney General, Creator of a video course on Gender Studies for Men
Victor Maltby – Builder of Men’s Sheds in Ottawa
Tanis Moore – YouTube personality The Prim Reaper